Magdalena Kuc

A guide full of passion, joy and energy in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, bringing a smile to the faces of tour participants discovering this extraordinary city.

About me

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My name is Magda and I am a guide in my beloved city - Warsaw.

My greatest calling is to make others love this place as much as I do. I guide tourists around the capital of Poland with a huge passion. I conduct city games, lectures and walks, sharing knowledge and curiosities. I know this city like the back of my hand and I will be happy to share my favorite places and unusual stories. For me, Warsaw is not only work, but also love. I am fascinated by its rich history, multiculturalism and architectural diversity.

I am also a licensed guide to the Royal Castle in Warsaw. It is an amazing place full of history and beautiful architecture. I guide tourists there and share with them facts and anecdotes related to the castle and the royal family.

I love architecture, art and history, and Warsaw is a place where these passions successfully combine. Walking the streets of the city, you can see various architectural styles, from old tenement houses, through socialist realism, to modern buildings. Every corner of Warsaw has its own story to tell.

Apart from Warsaw, I love traveling. Thanks to travels, I can discover other places and cultures, deepen my knowledge and broaden my horizons. While traveling, I gain new experiences and inspirations, which I then translate into my work as a tourist guide. In addition to my passion for traveling and historical cities, I love children. I often organize special trips for families, where I try to create an atmosphere full of fun and education. My two great loves, history and children, can then meet and discover the fascinating world of Warsaw together.

I feel fulfilled when I see the smiles on the faces of my guests who discover this amazing city thanks to my stories. I invite you to an unforgettable meeting with Warsaw!



  • Icon I have a tourist guide license
  • Icon 10 years of experience in conducting tours

Known languages:

  • Polish
  • French

My services include:

  • Icon Tour planning and organization

I conduct:

  • Icon Historical tours
  • Icon Museum tours
  • Icon Cultural tours
  • Icon Sightseeing tours
  • Icon City tours
  • Icon Walking tours
  • Icon Individual tours
  • Icon Family tours


Magdalena Kuc Magdalena Kuc Magdalena Kuc Magdalena Kuc Magdalena Kuc Magdalena Kuc

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