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Say "hello" to the tourist guides that joined us recently:

Emir Kadyrov

Guide arranging trips in Kyrgyzstan presenting breathtaking beauty of this land – mountains, rivers, forests and valleys.

Kormi Tamakloe

Native born Ghanaian from the Ewe Tribe, being one of the most highly rated tour guides in Ghana.

Jan Żebrowski

Tourist guide to Masuria and the Sudetes with over 40 years of experience in tourism.

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A walk around Ostróda

Jan Żebrowski

Explore the charming Masurian town located on the shore of Lake Drwęckie, with an amphitheater and a Teutonic castle from the 14th century.

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Articles from the perspective of an experienced guide

The right guide is a real treasure, both for us and for all travelers. We build our portal based on expert knowledge supported by many years of experience in various fields, including tourism. We are proud to present you a series of articles about changes in the way of traveling that our portal may introduce around the world. The author of this series is Jan Żebrowski, who has been leading trips to various parts of Poland and beyond for over 40 years. Moreover, he serves as the chairman of our expert council. We invite you to interesting reading!

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