The second of the early medieval defensive structures in the Old Town of Krakow, currently serving as a luxurious 5-star hotel.

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Na Gródku Street reminds us of an ancient fortified town that existed here before Cracow obtained city rights in 1257. From this seat, in 1311, the mayor of the city, Albert, led the German townspeople against the king. King Władysław Łokietek bloodily suppressed the rebellion, burned Gródek, and expelled Albert from the city. In the 15th century, the present street layout with tenement houses and a defensive residence was created. In the 17th century, on the site of the residence, Princess Anna Lubomirska founded - as a votive offering for the victory over the Turks - a baroque church and monastery of the Dominican Sisters, which still exists here today. When the Swedes besieged the city in 1655, the roof of the monastery caught fire during the assault. The figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared among the smoke, thanks to which the terrified Swedes stopped their attack. A souvenir of this miracle is the painting of the Virgin Mary on the monastery wall, visible from Planty.

In modern times, the reconstruction of the building into a hotel was preceded by archaeological research. Objects found during research are visible in the local exhibition. The oldest find is an Easter egg-rattle from Kiev from the 11th century. The hotel was opened in 2005, and the interiors are designed by Princess Ingrid Lubomirska. During the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Krakow in 2006, the President of Poland and his wife stayed at the hotel. Hotel Gródek***** allows guests to take full advantage of the city's cultural and tourist offer, as well as provides comfort and peace, because Na Gródek Street is an intimate alley in the Old Town. The hotel has 23 rooms, all of which are equipped to the highest standards. Each room has its own unique character, emphasized by the individual interior design. The hotel has a restaurant and a stylish bar-library. Guests can also relax in the sauna, patio or terrace.



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ul. Na Gródku 4, 31-028 Kraków


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