Korzkiew Castle

Once a place full of colorful feasts and the sound of knights' tournaments, today it invites everyone to its 14th-century home.

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Korzkiew Castle is located north and just 13 km from Krakow's Market Square. The castle is a retreat on a hill surrounded by a forest and a park from 1820, stretching in the valley below the castle between the forested mountain slope and the Korzkiewka stream. On the neighboring hill there is a church from the 17th century.

Around 1352, the knight Jan Syrokomla began the construction of a Gothic residential tower on a solid limestone rock. This tower is the oldest part of Korzkiew Castle. The defensive nature of the castle is currently not clear, but it is enough to imagine the swamp in the place of the park below to understand the choice of this location. Over the centuries, the castle changed its owners many times. Architectural research was carried out in the late 1960s. The current renovation efforts undertaken by Jerzy Donimirski are based on the historical and architectural work of Waldemar Niewalda's team.

Currently, Korzkiew Castle is a beautiful residence. Porches on the walls function as balconies, and the terrace on the tower offers a view of the Tatra Mountains. Here you can live "with the ghosts" in the tower and gatehouse, in four chambers. Each with a bathroom and a fireplace. A living room, dining room and kitchen complete this residence for ten guests. An additional attraction are dinners in the castle halls by candlelight and a burning fireplace or in the courtyard under the stars.



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Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle Korzkiew Castle

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