Jan Żebrowski

Tourist guide to Masuria and the Sudetes with over 40 years of experience in tourism.

About me

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I have been working as a guide since 1979. I give tours around Masuria and the Sudetes in Polish and Russian. I have a first-class license.

My second passion is the development of technology in tourism and staff training in this field. I decided to join the CAMAICA project because this offering is distinguished by a vision that is both unique and transformative. Its advantage is to create a way of traveling that will make the tourist attractions of our planet available to everyone and everywhere.

Moving the tourist offer online will stop many negative factors related to the development of traditional travel, such as: excessive construction of tourism facilities and transport networks, as well as increased tourist traffic in some areas not adapted to their absorption capacity.

Of course, I am available for traditional groups, I will be happy to help in arranging an offer. Please don't hesitate to contact me.



  • Icon I have a tourist guide license
  • Icon 45 years of experience in conducting tours

Known languages:

  • Polish
  • Russian

My services include:

  • Icon Guidance during the tour

I conduct:

  • Icon Adventure tours
  • Icon Business tours
  • Icon City tours
  • Icon Cultural tours
  • Icon Family tours
  • Icon Historical tours
  • Icon Individual tours
  • Icon Mountain tours
  • Icon Museum tours
  • Icon Sightseeing tours
  • Icon Student tours
  • Icon Nature tours
  • Icon Walking tours
  • Icon Water tours


Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski Jan Żebrowski


Winter Gdańsk Jan Żebrowski

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Winter Gdańsk

Jan Żebrowski

Visit a picturesque seaside city and move into the world of monumental buildings and extraordinary stories.

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A walk around Ostróda Jan Żebrowski

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A walk around Ostróda

Jan Żebrowski

Explore the charming Masurian town located on the shore of Lake Drwęckie, with an amphitheater and a Teutonic castle from the 14th century.

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Following Wroclaw's legends

During the tour, I will tell you several extraordinary Wroclaw legends - each of them contains life wisdom. The tour is suitable for every age group.

Museum and the battlefield of Grunwald

Together with me, you will visit the new multimedia museum of our greatest medieval battle, and you will also take a walk around its field.

A walk around Lidzbark Warminski

Discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of the capital of Warmia. You will see, e.g.: The Warmia Bishops' Castle and the Old Town.

A walk around Dresden

Dresden is called the most Polish city in Germany. For over 60 years it was the seat of Polish kings and was also the place of residence of many famous Poles.

A walk around Ostroda

Ostroda is called the "Pearl of Masuria" due to its picturesque landscapes, rich history and culture, and numerous tourist attractions.

A walk around Olsztyn

Olsztyn is the largest city in Warmia and the seat of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. During the walk you will see e.g. a castle where Nicolaus Copernicus worked.

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