A walk around Ostróda

Explore the charming Masurian town located on the shore of Lake Drwęckie, with an amphitheater and a Teutonic castle from the 14th century.

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Hello, Traveler!

I present to you Ostroda, a unique Masurian town with a lake in the city center. Its charm attracts tourists from all over the world. This is certainly a place where you can experience unforgettable moments due to the picturesque areas and extremely interesting objects.

During this trip you will see, among others, the Teutonic castle and the museum. The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte himself stayed in this castle for as many as 40 days! A visit to Ostroda is also a great opportunity to walk along the pier on Lake Drweckie, where you can observe the surrounding nature. This is also a place where you can take advantage of viewing points located on high towers, from where there is a picturesque panorama of the city. Ostroda is also a city where you can visit various culturally rich places and enter the world of entertainment.

If you are interested in culture, history and love nature, this virtual tour is certainly for you. You're welcome!


What will you see?

A walk around Ostróda

A few words about the guide and Ostroda 3 min.

You will start the tour by learning some basic information about the tour guide, Jan Zebrowski. Then the guide will introduce you to the history of Ostróda over many centuries.

A walk around Ostróda

Railway station 5 min.

You will then move to the historic train station. You will hear about an extremely interesting story related to this place. You will also visit workshops on how to create barbecue lighters.

A walk around Ostróda

Lake Drwęckie 6 min.

It's time to move to the bosom of nature and see the unique Drwęckie Lake, which is located in the very center of the city! Together with your guide, you will walk along the wooden pier, admiring the surrounding nature.

A walk around Ostróda

Teutonic castle 5 min.

The next part of the tour presents the history of the castle, which began in the 13th century. You will see the castle from the outside and take a guided tour of the cloisters to see the castle from a completely different perspective.

A walk around Ostróda

An extraordinary museum 30 min.

It's time to visit an amazing museum that holds treasures from different periods, starting from the Stone Age! You will learn, among other things, the history of the famous Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was stationed at the castle for as many as 40 days.

A walk around Ostróda

The road to the amphitheater 7 min.

Then you will take a walk with your guide to the amphitheater. Along the way, you will pass a number of interesting places and facilities. This will include the historic Drwęcki Hotel, where Paul von Hindenburg, president of the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich, stayed.

A walk around Ostróda

Bismarck Tower 3 min.

In this part, the guide will take you to the Bismarck Tower. Together with him, you will climb to its top, listening to stories about the history of the tower and admiring the beautiful panorama of Lake Drwęckie.

A walk around Ostróda

Barracks with history 6 min.

The next part of the tour is devoted to the artillery barracks. You will learn a lot about their history. You will also visit the multimedia library located in the barracks buildings.

A walk around Ostróda

Evangelical church 6 min.

It's time to visit a unique evangelical church. In addition to learning about its history, you will get to know interesting facts about the rules that apply in this church. Together with your guide, you will also climb the observation tower, admiring the picturesque panorama of Ostróda.

A walk around Ostróda

The Old Town and surroundings 4 min.

In this part, you will go for a walk around the Old Town and its surroundings. You will learn the history of the Town Hall, which is located in the center of this district. You will also discover other interesting objects related to this part of the city.

A walk around Ostróda

See you in Ostroda 5 min.

Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye. In this part of the tour, the guide will summarize it and list the reasons that should encourage all travel enthusiasts to visit this unique city, Ostróda!


Jan Żebrowski

Jan Żebrowski

Tourist guide to Masuria and the Sudetes with over 40 years of experience in tourism.


A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda A walk around Ostróda